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Clean energy, solar energy, renewable energy: these industries are growing fast. If you’re looking for a career path in these new areas, Stonehenge Associates offers training at our ZERO Energy Training and Education Center in Troy, New York.

Clean & Renewable Energy Training Career Options

The renewable energy industry has many facets, from designing and installing solar thermal and photovoltaic systems to geothermal. There are many options for future growth in New York, given the state’s investment in clean energy businesses and community initiatives and statewide solar electric program (NY-Sun).

You could be working at the residential level, signing off on single family sized systems, or you could be part of a municipal or statewide renewable energy implementation project.

Here are two great examples:

  • Solar Installer: Assemble, install or maintain solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs or other structures. Tasks include measuring, cutting, assembling and bolting structural framing and solar modules.

  • Geothermal Heat Pump Technician: Install, test and maintain residential and commercial geothermal heat pumps. For large installations, monitor and control operation of facilities and perform maintenance and repairs as necessary.                                      

Technical training in renewable energy systems is very helpful if you’re planning to go into sales and marketing or management in the clean energy industry, as this is a technical field needs well-informed people to guide and shape it.

Clean Means Green Means Energy Efficient!

The clean energy and renewable energy industries have career paths that intersect energy efficiency in new and existing houses. That’s because the best way to get the most economic benefit from renewable energy is to limit the amount of energy you need in the first place.

If you've considered pursuing a career as a solar installer, geothermal heat pump technician, energy auditor or another position within the clean energy field, Stonehenge can help you get there. We offer a full range of training services including solar energy training, building and energy code testing, energy auditor training and more.

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