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An oil to gas conversion costs money, but not as much money as remaining on an oil-fired system! Since 2002, the cost of oil heat in New York and the rest of the country has averaged 30% to 50% more than gas every year. While the upfront costs of a oil to gas conversion look high, the reduction in your yearly energy bill will offset any sticker shock you might have!

To get the most out of your investment, make sure your new gas furnace or boiler and water heater are high-efficiency units (90 or better AFUE). AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, which describes the ratio of useful energy output to energy input. The higher the AFUE, the higher the efficiency of the furnace.

Costs of a Heating Conversion

Changing from an oil-fired furnace to a gas-fired furnace is considered the most straightforward conversion. Depending on your situation, you can add a gas-fired water heater as well. If your home does not have a forced air system, you can change out an oil-fired boiler for a gas-fired one.

The cost to purchase a new high-efficiency gas furnace or boiler in New York state is lower than a high-efficiency oil unit. The additional costs associated with a natural gas conversion come from connecting the gas to the house and making changes to accommodate the gas furnace or boiler and water heater.

Typical Steps for an Oil to Gas Conversion:

  • Get in touch with your local gas utility

  • Dig a trench from the main gas line to the house

  • Have a proper heat loss calculation done to ensure the new unit is sized to fit your house and that the ductwork can deliver the proper amount of heat to each room

  • If using a condensing furnace with through-the wall exhaust, close off the chimney

  • Line chimney to protect against moisture from gas furnace exhaust

  • Remove the oil tank (above ground or below ground)

  • Install the gas furnace or boiler (and water heater)

The Benefits of a Oil to Gas Conversion

While cost savings might be the main reason why you choose an oil to gas conversion, there are other benefits to changing the way your Albany or Utica house is heated. These include the fact that new gas furnaces and boilers are more compact than older oil furnaces and boilers, giving you more space in your utility room or basement. Another benefit is that there are no tank refills required! Many oil companies require an upfront payment for a tank refill, while gas utilities charge a regular bill for what you use, and often have an equal payment program in place.

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