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Is your Albany home plagued with cold drafts in the winter and costly air conditioning in the summer that doesn’t keep you cool? There’s a solution for that, and it starts out with a free energy assessment service from Stonehenge Associates!

Stonehenge Associates offers FREE home energy audits through NYSERDA's Green Jobs Green New York program. If you are a homeowner interested in improving comfort, reducing energy bills, and reducing your carbon footprint all at the same time, we can help.

A home energy audit is the first step on the path toward a comfortable, healthy and affordable home. Using a variety of high-tech tools, our certified energy auditors identify the key areas where your home is wasting energy, and recommend the most cost-effective improvements for maximum comfort, optimal indoor air quality, building health and safety as well as home energy savings.

We also work with you to make sure you are eligible for all available rebates from the state of New York and other regional incentives.

What is a Comprehensive Energy Audit?

Our whole-house energy audit looks at the building envelope (which includes all the components that make up your home's outer shell, including windows, doors, insulation levels, and the level of air leakage in between building materials); all combustion equipment including boilers, furnaces and water heaters; and the movement of air within the home to ensure that the air you and your family are breathing is fresh, healthy and safe.

During the audit, we use an infrared camera to identify air leakage and deficient insulation, a blower door to measure the rate air leaks in the home, and a duct blaster test to determine whether your ducts are well-sealed, among other tools.

Stonehenge Sells Service, Not Products

Our comprehensive, whole-house assessment is solidly based on a building science approach to the house. At Stonehenge, our mission is to offer quality services that truly help you improve the quality of your home. It’s also the type of audit that is required to obtain a HERS rating.

Our whole-house energy analysis is miles ahead of the "clipboard audits" offered by many utilities, box stores and companies that offer a discounted audit as a means to sell you products. We don’t rely on an energy audit checklist. We do a full energy analysis of your house, and then we work with our roster of trusted and competent team of contractors who live and work in the upstate New York area to develop a range of cost-effective energy conservation packages for you.

These packages can include air sealing and insulation improvements, heating and cooling system improvements, or an oil-to-gas conversion. The important thing is that they will bet tailored to your house, your needs and your budget.

Register for a free NYSERDA energy audit here, or contact us any time with your questions about our home energy audit process!


  • Thanks to the work done by Stonehenge Associates I am much more comfortable in my home. I used to have a lot of cold spots in my home and Stonehenge Associates went the extra mile to address and fix the problems I was having.

  • After Stonehenge Associates insulated my home I have a $2,000 credit with my oil company! After just one winter! Their claims on savings really exceeded expectations.

  • Stonehenge Associates provided us with excellent service from the assessment phase through the inspection phase. We are very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the staff!

  • Stonehenge Associates is the kind of business you strive to be and/or work with.