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Building in New York state? You’ll want to have an experienced building envelope consultant on board. Envelope commissioning is one layer of a quality assurance program for buildings. It’s part of what a HERS rater does with a house: verify that what is installed is what was proposed to be installed.

Stonehenge offers consulting, oversight of design and assessment of the building envelope of new construction. We help owners, designers, architects and builders ensure the quality and performance of the building’s enclosure system are excellent from the concept to the handing over of the keys.

Envelope Commissioning Gives the Building Owner Peace of Mind

Envelope commissioning should be part of your project from the earliest design phase. Our qualified team can advise and assist you with the complexity of code compliance and other issues that relate to cost, integrity and performance.

Without envelope commissioning, you have a gap in the quality assurance process for your building. The envelope may have issues such as water leaks, snow and ice formation on windows, excessive air leakage or poor insulation coverage, all of which can lead to damage to facades and finishes and higher energy costs. A third-party building envelope consultant can provide the following services:

  • Develop commissioning specifications

  • Review materials and assemblies at the design stage

  • Carry out installation inspections

  • Ensure building and energy conservation code compliance

  • Carry out performance testing

  • Carry out buildings simulation

  • Ensure the building envelope meets all requirements

Envelope commissioning happens before the building is occupied. It is a way to minimize problems associated with the building envelope through the whole construction process.

The goals of the process are to control heat air and moisture flow, as well as noise and fire; to eliminate rain penetration and snow buildup; and to maintain the structural performance of the building.

Envelope commissioning helps to minimize or eliminate common problems with the building envelope, such as roof uplift or water leakage, wall damage due to improper drainage and waterproofing, and air and water leakage at doors and windows.

Stonehenge Associates can take you from pre-design to occupancy. Call today to discuss your envelope commissioning needs.


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