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Stonehenge offers energy performance consulting for builders and developers, as well as multifamily and commercial building owners throughout New York. Our goal is to help your team develop and carry out an energy management plan. We focus on meeting your company’s objectives for cost savings through careful planning of your required energy consumption (and production), water conservation and climate protection measures.

There’s truth in the saying ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure.’ Energy performance consulting is all about energy management, so it’s all about measuring energy use.

Measure To Confirm Your Energy Savings

Energy management starts with a baseline energy audit to determine the existing energy usage patterns and quantities throughout your organization and building(s). Successful energy management provides energy savings by paying attention to the large and small usage patterns--from monitoring the performance of the building envelope to keeping fridges defrosted.

Stonehenge Associates can work with your team to carry out a baseline energy audit, create an Energy Reduction Plan for your existing building, and ensure that the work is carried out properly and in a timely fashion through our construction management services, available throughout Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga, Utica, and surrounding areas.

We can also help you with new construction, ensuring that energy efficiency is embedded deep in the design phase so that your long-term energy management targets are met and your bottom line benefits from year one.

Tracking Energy Management For New & Existing Buildings

Once an Energy Reduction Plan is in place and work has been carried out to improve the building, the improvements and energy savings need to be tracked. We use an industry-leading software tool called Portfolio Manager, developed by the EPA, to track how well your Energy Reduction Plan is working.

New York City Has Passed Mandatory Benchmarking Laws

Portfolio Manager takes the consumption data, cost information and operational use information for your building and measures it against against a yearly baseline, national medians, or other, similar buildings that you own. The program tracks more than 100 different metrics, allowing us to measure every phase of your Energy Reduction Plan, from baseline to targeting energy reduction goals and tracking improvements.

If your facility meets ENERGY STAR requirements, it can be registered in the national database. There are many advantages to being listed as an ENERGY STAR building:

  • Establish your organization as a leader

  • Improve your bottom line through environmental responsibility

  • Show your commitment to your community

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