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Stonehenge Associates offers commercial energy audits throughout New York State as well as parts of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.

A commercial energy audit enables you, the building owner or manager, to reduce and control overhead costs while improving occupant health. Green building standards recognize that healthy indoor environments have a positive impact on occupant health that can lead to economic benefits related to lower absenteeism and health care costs.

In addition, an in-depth energy analysis that results in a comprehensive energy management plan can help your Albany- or Utica-based organization reduce overall environmental impact through significant energy savings in year one and every year after. You can benchmark and verify your savings with our energy performance service.

Benefits of a Commercial Energy Audit

An energy audit identifies benefits that go beyond reducing energy use and creating commercial building savings. A professional energy audit can:

  • Identify problem areas for occupant comfort

  • Identify ways to improve indoor air quality

  • Identify ways to maintain even temperatures throughout the building

Carrying through with recommendations to improve occupant comfort and indoor air quality can impact your bottom line by helping to retain satisfied occupants or staff. These benefits, combined with lowered operating costs, can also increase the value of your building.

We Offer Three Levels of Commercial Energy Audits:

Level I

This is basically a walkthrough of your facility. Our team will take note of existing conditions and look for the low hanging fruit, i.e., lighting, heating and any other large consumers of energy that we can observe. You will receive a brief written efficiency report describing our findings and recommendations.

Level II

This is a bit more involved. We will do some more in-depth investigation of utilities and the building envelope. We will provide recommendations on how to implement energy conservation measures (ECM). You will receive a written report with recommendations and projected savings.

Level III

This is the most detailed audit for those who are serious about implementing an Energy Reduction Program. A Level III audit encompasses the same things as Level II, but is more detailed. We not only provide projected savings but cost estimates and financial feasibility analysis (cash flow analysis, payback, and return on investment) as well.

For more information about how a commercial energy audit from Stonehenge Associates can help you save money, go green and improve the health of your building(s), contact us today!


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