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Once Stonehenge Associates has completed your home energy audit, you’re ready to carry out the suggested energy saving recommendations. We take you through the next steps with our home energy efficiency services throughout upstate New York. The Stonehenge team is proud to serve clients across Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga, Utica and beyond.

Have your energy audit in hand already? Allow Stonehenge to manage your energy saving measures.

Whether you need improvements to your New York home to improve air sealing and insulation, or repairs and upgrades to your heating and cooling systems, we have you covered. We can also take care of your oil-to-gas conversion.

Our technical expertise ensures your home energy efficiency recommendations suit your house, your budget and your needs. Our construction management skills ensure that the work is done properly, within your budget and on schedule.

In 2016, we helped our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR clients reduce their annual energy bills by an average of more than $1300 each!

Our home energy services include:

No need to gamble on the qualifications of separate contractors!

Stonehenge takes the worry out of the process with our roster of highly-qualified technicians and tradespeople who understand energy efficiency and home performance requirements. We only work with local contractors we know and trust to ensure you get the right work done, the right way, in the right time.

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Stonehenge Associates, Attic cellulose insulation , NY
Stonehenge focusses on a whole-home energy evaluation to make recommendations on how you can improve the building envelope of your upstate New York home. The building envelope is the basement floor and walls, the above grade walls, doors and windows, and the ceiling or roof.

Air Sealing

Stonehenge Associates, Air Sealing, NY
Your heating and cooling system works hard to keep you comfortable, but, especially in older homes, it often can’t keep up. This is due, in part, to air leakage. The air that you’ve paid to heat or cool leaves the house by infiltration and exfiltration.

Heating & Cooling

Stonehenge Associates, Heating and Cooling heat pump, NY
Stonehenge’s free and comprehensive home energy assessment, available throughout the upstate New York region, includes recommendations on how to optimize your home’s heating and cooling system.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Stonehenge Associates, Oil to natural gas conversion, NY
Since 2002, the cost of oil heat in New York and the rest of the country has averaged 30% to 50% more than gas every year. While the upfront costs of a oil to gas conversion look high, the reduction in your yearly energy bill will offset any sticker shock you might have!


  • Thanks to the work done by Stonehenge Associates I am much more comfortable in my home. I used to have a lot of cold spots in my home and Stonehenge Associates went the extra mile to address and fix the problems I was having.

  • After Stonehenge Associates insulated my home I have a $2,000 credit with my oil company! After just one winter! Their claims on savings really exceeded expectations.

  • Stonehenge Associates provided us with excellent service from the assessment phase through the inspection phase. We are very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the staff!

  • Stonehenge Associates is the kind of business you strive to be and/or work with.