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In New York State, compliance services ensure that your new construction project not only meets the fundamental requirements for occupant safety and health, but also meets the energy efficiency code requirements.

Energy Efficiency Codes Are Here to Stay

The 2016 New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code (based on the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code) went into effect October 3, 2016. The Energy Conservation Code is only one of nine building codes that are in use in the state, and requires some specialized knowledge to understand and implement it.

Some key NYECCC provisions include:

  • A required blower door test

  • Significant increases in insulation level requirements based on climate zones

  • An increase in high-efficacy lighting requirements

  • A compliance path based on the Energy Rating Index

To meet the NYECCC, all new construction projects must go through a verification process to make sure they will meet the requirements. Stonehenge offers plan review and on-site inspection consultation services to help homeowners and builders through this process. We are fully qualified to conduct code compliance inspections for both prescriptive and performance based code compliance paths.

Stonehenge offers the following comprehensive services for code compliance:

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HERS Ratings

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Stonehenge Associates offers HERS Ratings (Home Energy Rating System Ratings) throughout New York State, as well as in parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Jersey. A Home Energy Rating is a requirement for many green building and energy efficient building standards.


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